Release Notes


    • Upgrade default Jenkins version to 2.319.1-lts
    • Upgrade default plugins to their newest versions
    • Downgraded kubernetes-client-api to 5.10.1-171.vaa0774fb8c20 due to issues with compatibility


    • OIDC authentication
    • Role-Based authorization
    • Matrix authorization
    • Google OAuth authentication
    • Increase the number of lines logged
    • GitHub OAuth authentication


    • Fix infinite loop when comparing env valueFrom


    • Changed services API to fix customizing default Jenkins HTTP and Agent services

    • Add propagating changed credentials from credentials secret to Jenkins

    • Updated plugins and images

    • Fixed removing Jobs from Jenkins after deleting JenkinsSeedJobs


    • Added PodLabels field to Jenkins® Custom Resource so that users can now set labels for Jenkins® Controller Pod

    • Added emitting Kubernetes events

    • Standardised logging

    • Fixed Jenkins® Kubernetes plugin configuration on OpenShift


    • Re-designed naming conventions for resources used by the Operator Service

    • Renamed Jenkins Master pod to Jenkins Controller pod to fit with fit inclusive naming conventions agreed on by Jenkins® organization

    • Added finalizers to Jenkins® Custom Resource, pod and deployment

    • Added a separate reconciliation loop for Jenkins® Kubernetes Agent


    Initial release.