This document answers the most frequently asked questions.

My Jenkins pod keeps restarting with ‘missing-plugins’ errors.

Jenkins can lose compatibility with its plugins or their dependencies. If you want to reduce the probability of this happening, don’t use the ‘latest’ Jenkins image tag. Use a set version of Jenkins image and declare plugins and all their dependencies in the Jenkins Custom Resource under ‘plugins’. If you are not sure which plugins to pin, you can check the logs from the ‘initial-config’ initcontainer or ‘jenkins-controller’.

My job fails saying I don’t have the necessary permissions.

You can always add a custom Role for your Jenkins with the permissions you need and reference it in the Jenkins Custom Resource under ‘spec.roles’. The Operator will create a RoleBinding for it. Be careful. Operator may not have these permissions. As a quick temporary workaround, you can manually bind this role to the Operator service account.

I have added/updated the license secret for the Operator, but the license verification did not trigger.

Currently the license verification is not triggered by changes to the license secret. To force a license check, delete the operator pod. It will be automatically recreated and the verification will be performed again. The Operator, by default, is looking for a Kubernetes Secret named license in its own namespace. For more details what this secret should look like, see the Installation section. The logs from the Operator’s pod can provide more information (was the secret found, does it contain the correct information, is the license key valid, etc.).